10 Modern Ailments Along With ‘Text Neck’ We Have Acquired Because Of Technology

Do you have “text neck”? Goodness sorry, perhaps you’re not hip with the most up. Text Neck refers to a medicinal condition a few people have begun to create. Looking down at their phone for too long can leads to back and neck pain. Here are10 Modern Ailments Along With ‘Text Neck’ We Have Acquired Because Of Technology.

When We Look Down At Our Phones All The Time


An average human head weighs around 9-12 pounds but when looking down to weigh increases dramatically which can cause a lot of pain. An additional 60 pounds of pressure is added when we look down at our phone.

That’s A Lot Of Extra Pressure!



According to doctor looking down to your phone which increases the weigh on your neck and back can lead to a lot of pain, muscle spasms, and even damage your spine.

To Treat Text Neck


To treat you text neck problem doctor recommend holding your phone a bit higher than you usually do. And if you still have a problem you better visit a chiropractor for a spine re-alignment.

Text Neck Isn’t The Only Malady


In today’s world Pretty much everything we use on a daily basis is ruining our health, too! Since nobody pays too much attention to their health. Stay tuned to know more on next page…