10 Most Expensive Places to Live in the World

It appears that favored living includes some major disadvantages (who'd have thought it) and if you need to live in the absolute most attractive places on the planet, at that point you will need to hack up some truly truckloads of money for it. Yes, we are listing 10 most expensive cities in the world.

5. Osaka


Osaka is the second biggest metropolitan region in Japan and has more than 19 million occupants, with its cityscape being depicted as “only surpassed by Tokyo as a showcase of the Japanese urban phenomenon.” Fuel, taxi charges, lodgings, liquor and espresso are for the most part especially costly here.

6. Seoul


It’s tied with Singapore as the most costly city for purchasing garments and is famously dear for meals costing a normal of $13 (£10.30) for a 1kg chunk of bread – which ought to debilitate anybody from ever eating it again.