10 Most Horrific Moments In Oscar History

From so many victories to epic fails, the Academy Awards is loaded with stunning moments and the current year’s awards turned out to be the same. Who could overlook when La LA Land was coincidentally named the Best Picture winner rather than Moonlight at the 2017 Oscars, or when Adrien Brody made out with Halle Berry after winning Best Actor in 2003? Obviously, there’s also jaw-dropping fashion. Remember when Bjork wore her swan dress on a red carpet, or when Cher debuted her huge hood and beaded group? There always has been some of the other awkward moment. Here are some of them to keep you informed if at all you missed it.

1. Best Picture 2017


After La La Land was announced the best picture of 2017 but then corrected by the producer Jordan Horowitz revealed that Moonlight was the actual winner.

2. Jennifer Lawrence’ Fall



When Jennifer was going to the stage for accepting the award for best actress at 2013 Oscars, The Silver Linings Playbook star stumbled and fell to the ground.

3. Crash Wins Best Picture


There were total eight nominations for the best picture, Brokeback Mountain was expected to take home the big prize at 2006 Acadamy Awards. Viewers were surprised after Paul Haggis took the best picture award for the movie crash.

4. Adrien Brody Makes Out With Halle Berry


After Adrien Brody won the best actor award at 2003 Annual Academy Award, he was so overwhelmed by the gesture that he planted a giant kiss on presenter Berry. Click next for more such interesting facts.