10 Myths About Alcohol You Should Stop Believing

There are numerous myths about liquor, and we regularly settle on choices is based on these myths without thinking about whether they are valid or not. And when it comes to alcohol, blissful ignorance only brings about unnecessary suffering, horrible hangovers, and misguided advice. Myths prevail in the booze world, and it’s about time some of them get busted before your ignorance lands you on the bathroom floor again this Saturday. So, we chose to list the 10 myths about liquor that you have absolutely known about.

5. Alcohol protects you from radiation.


The cause of this myth is unknown. Indeed, liquor isn’t a cure for radiation, it doesn’t make radionuclides leave your body, and it doesn’t protect you from unsafe radiation. If you require safety from radiation, there are special medical supplies.

6. Antibiotics and alcohol is a dangerous combination.


Actually, just a few sorts of anti-toxins are incompatible with liquor. If you take such pills and drink liquor at the same time, you may feel nauseated, dizzy, and you might have a pain in your chest. Your doctor must caution you about this while recommending the prescription. Most antibiotics can’t hurt you when you drink a glass of wine.


7. You shouldn’t degrade the strength of the liquor you drink.


Actually, even if you drink whiskey and afterward include some beer, nothing awful will happen. It doesn’t make a difference in what sequence you drink the beverages. The main thing that truly matters is the amount you drink.

8. Alcohol is caloric.


Truth be told, liquor isn’t caloric, yet it can interfere with your digestion. Your body tries to dispose of the liquor as fast as possible because it treats liquor as a toxic substance. So your digestion backs off until the point when the liquor is out of your body. All that you ate before the liquor transforms into fat. Click on the next page to continue.