10 Myths About Alcohol You Should Stop Believing

There are numerous myths about liquor, and we regularly settle on choices is based on these myths without thinking about whether they are valid or not. And when it comes to alcohol, blissful ignorance only brings about unnecessary suffering, horrible hangovers, and misguided advice. Myths prevail in the booze world, and it’s about time some of them get busted before your ignorance lands you on the bathroom floor again this Saturday. So, we chose to list the 10 myths about liquor that you have absolutely known about.

9. Alcohol consumption destroys brain cells.


Research shows that there is no contrast between the density of neurons among individuals who drink a lot of liquor and the individuals who don’t. But, it damages the neural pathways, which can interfere with developing new brain cells. Luckily, this change is reversible, and the neural pathways are reestablished after you quit consuming liquor.

10. If you eat a lot, you won’t get drunk.


This is a very famous misguided judgment. In any case, a lot of food doesn’t help you to remain sober. The food in your stomach just backs off the absorption of liquor. Since a man doesn’t see the first symptom of being drunk, he or she can wind up drinking much more than they intended to.