10 Non-Sexual Things About Men That Women Love A Lot

You might come across a lot of things which women find attractive which are related to lovemaking. But there are often things (non-sexual) that attract them more. Some simple actions or traits of the man can make a woman fall for him more. It always does not have to be related to sex. So if you are wondering whether your simple actions can make an effect and if you are wondering about these things need not worry. Here is a list of things purely non-sexual that can make a woman fall head over heels for you.

#10 Watching Him Play/Sing


One thing that a woman just can’t ignore is a man playing a musical instrument or sing a song. One can see the passion in their eye and that is the thing that attracts women more.

#9  When He Is Reading A Book



Ask a woman and you will get the same answer men reading the book are irresistible to them.

#8 Giving Her Massage


Who is the world does not like a massage and same goes for the women too? Giving them massage is one of the most attractive things for them.

#7 Make Her Laugh


Like it is said ‘way to a men heart is through his stomach’ same goes for women making them laugh is the most required quality required of them. Stay tuned for more on the next page…