10 Overhyped Things About Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy

Kylie, Kylie, Kylie... Most likely this is the main name each media organisation is shouting out recently and for what reason not? I mean the 20-year-old's pregnancy has apparently made more buildup than any of the superstar pregnancies in the most recent year. Presently, a few theories are becoming famous about the day she will uncover the world about the pregnancy, however before all that, we should see few things that occurred on the course of Kylie's pregnancy.

Travis left Kylie


Since the start of the new year, news began to twirl that Travis Scott has allowed pregnant Kylie to sit unbothered and their relationship is finished. There has been no affirmation about the news.

Tyga expresses his love towards


One of the current progressions in the pregnancy news was the contribution of Kylie’s ex Tyga. In a meeting, Tyga said that he misses Kylie and would love to be in the room where she will bring forth her youngster.