10 People Who Got Caught In the Act And Badly Trolled On The Internet

The thing about lying on the Internet is that someone or the other notices it and you get caught doesn’t what follows next is legendary. On the off chance if you are trolled real bad on your attempt to fake you might become a meme for life. Find out the list of people who got called out on the internet.

This dad who tried to be cool


“Oh, it uh, has a watermark because I didn’t take a picture, so I had to google the model. Yeah, that’s the ticket!”

This immediate denial



The director of multiple Marvel movies James Gunn would know the truth a lot better than an account called Marvel Newz.

When you think photoshop is God


Zendaya is surely not one of those celebrities who promise they’ll accompany kids to prom if they get a certain number of retweets.

This guy who thought the university parking staff won’t know


“Oh.. sorry… you see we close at 5 and you didn’t bring these pennies in until 4:30. Since we didn’t finish counting you’ll have to bring them all back earlier tomorrow so we can finish!” There are more such people in the list. Find out on the next page.