10 People Who Sent The Text To Wrong People

There are times when you are actually busy doing something but you still chat with people. You just can’t stop talking because that person is important. You are telling them something and suddenly you realize you sent that text to a wrong person regarding whom you people were talking. Here is some situation which will make you feel that you should always pay attention towards you text.

1. Engagement Ring


My sister requested a photo of the engagement ring I was purchasing for my life partner. Think about who I really sent that one to.

2. Hurting People My Mistake



A joke image about a spouse doing housework since it turns his better half on, I coincidentally sent it to a companion’s sister who had lost her significant other all of a sudden a few months previously.

3. When Baby Sitting Hits You Hard


Sent the mother of the tyke I was keeping an eye on content expressing that I would preferably bounce out of their window than keep on watching their child for whatever is left of their night. Better believe it, not my proudest minute.

4. Sexting Gone Wrong


I was sexting my SO and worked out expressly what I would do to him when he strolled through the entryway. The message sent and I didn’t see until the point when I got an answer that it was to a male companion of mine. Click next.