10 People Who Sent The Text To Wrong People

8. Some Weird Situations


I used to manage Jimmy John’s for a few years. My wife and I were talking something and I sent her an in-between¬†joke “Honey! Honey! You stink like dust” I sent it to my delivery executive my mistake.

9. Friendly Wager


Messaging with my better half. We’re talking about an inviting bet on an NCAA competition amusement. She names her stakes and asks, “and in the event that you win, what do you need? “Butt-centric,” I send (half) playfully to an amigo who just asked, “what did you and the children do a weekend ago?”


10. Sending A Wrong Picture To the Wrong Person


A pic of a large squirrel that lived on grounds, it was implied for my closest companion however it was sent to a person I was going to go out on the town with.