10 People That Should Be Given Nobel For Their Problem-Solving Skills

People face problem in everyday life some are very small and some are big. Small problems are the one that people tend to solve by themselves. These small fixes might be temporary or permanent but sure are fun to watch and people should be given Nobel for it. Here are 10 people that should be given Nobel for their problem-solving skills.

#10 Nobel Prize In Environmentalism


One thing that every person in this world hates is doing dishes after having food. And for that matter, this guy chose to take this path. While plastic sure harms the environment this guy really doesn’t care and should be rewarded.

#9 Nobel Prize In Animal Domestication



Having a pet is a great thing but the problem that they annoy the most when they are running around. This person surely got frustrated with his dog took this step. Well its funny but if you see it from a different view it is a really pathetic example of domestication.

#8 Nobel Prize In Diplomacy


Next time if I need to get anything done I am definitely going to write a note similar to this one. And why not look at the result the person got from just one letter.

#7 Nobel Prize In Culinary Arts


This person surely deserves a Nobel for his problem-solving skill in Culinary Arts. But looking at the photo it seems it might just work and he will get a perfect baked cheese toast. Stay tuned for more on the next page…