10 People Who Have Changed Their Look And Lifestyle With The Help Of Losing Weight

Believe it or not but men who go to gym look far better than those who don’t. Even Scientist have proven men going to gym tend to have much better self-confidence than men who don’t. But from my personal experience, not everyone needs a gym to look good, but you may need to stay healthy. Here is a list of people who have changed their look and lifestyle with the help of losing weight.

#10 Losing Weight For Past Five Years


Losing Weight is not an easy task and you have to have great control over oneself. This person after getting the cure for hypertension started going to the gym to become fit.

#9  What Did This Guy Eat?



The guy dropped his weight by following a ketogenic diet. It is basically minimum carbohydrate and maximum fats and lots of time in the gym.

#8 Got Rid Of 120 Pounds


Sometimes you need some motivation to reach your goal and after having false starts and broken self-promises, the person reached his goal losing 120 pounds.

#7 39 Pounds In 6 Months


If you decide anything with complete dedication nothing is the impossible for example this guy. Lost 39 pounds in 6 months “I used to work out regularly, but I fell off into the trap of fast food and candy bars. Started eating right and working out six times a week.” Click next for more.