10 People Who Have Upset Their Boss Real Bad

Ther are many times during your job that you tend to make mistakes. Sometimes you find the mistake and take care of it before your superior find out. But there are also times when your mistake cannot stay hidden but still, you try to postpone the inevitable. Here is a list of 10 people who have upset their boss real bad when their mistake was revealed.

#10 At Least She Is Beautiful


Thank God she is hot and beautiful. One thing is for sure after looking at this picture one might really miss the detail or realize it at the very instance. Either way, the girl is screwed.

#9 Boss Handrails Done



It is not necessary to go around the problem some time you can go above and beyond to solve the problem.

#8 Can We Come In Or Not?


Is the hotel open or not, can we come it or not? The hotel staff needs to make a decision on whether they are open to customers.

#7 Is It Only Me Or Some Thing Is Wrong?


Is it me or there is sometthing wrong with this street signboard.  What in the hell are they trying to say very hard to read? Stay tuned for more on the next page…