10 People’s Progress Pictures That Will Make You Look Twice And Laugh

As difficult as changing your life seems to be, individuals have begun sharing when photographs that demonstrate nothing is unthinkable in the event that you focus on your objectives 100%. Typically titled “advance pic,” these pictures are turning into a web sensation on Reddit, and they’re so strangely great, even the most noteworthy wellness or hairstyle changes ain’t got nothing on them. Here are some pictures that will make you look at them twice and laugh.

1. Found Jesus


30 years ago when there were gangsters all around and people used to do drugs. Now they have left each and everything and found Jesus.

2. The Progress Pic To End All Progress Pics



How can you just transform some random painting into a person and then some other person and then again into someone? The dark lord had a long way to go.

3. Mike Dirnt From Greenday


You must remember the band Greenday, obviously, you do. Mike Dirnt from the band just left his rock and roll life and became a politician.

4. AC/DC And Metallica


They have finally decided to move out of the same apartment. They have their new lives as actors and are really successful, Lol! Click next.