10 Photos That Prove Teachers Mastery At Trolling

Teachers are our guides who guide us through our childhood to adulthood by teaching us the various skills important to survive in the world, At least that's what we think it is, not all teachers are keen on teaching us are they? There some teachers in the world who have mastered the art of trolling and they use it to troll innocent kids, it's actually funny! Read the article to know more...

A poster comeback by the teacher!

Here’s how a teacher trolls you and explains to you why you should do normal credits!

What test is this!

When your teacher is in a mischevious mood and trolls you with a super tough test and all you can do is beg him/her for good grades!

Super savage troll!

With a teacher, this savage, say goodbye to all your pranks that you have planned for the semester. Your teacher is always gonna be a step ahead of you! Read more trolls on the Next Page…