10 Photos Ronda Rousey Doesn’t Want You To See

Ronda Rousey, who won a bronze medal in 2008 Summer Olympics has won 12 consecutive MMA fights and lost her last two. But she still is shy of a few things. She's not willing to reveal everything to the public. So we are showing you some pics which Ronda wants to delete from the internet.

3. Oops! Injury.


Ronda Rousey certainly had one of the most exceedingly bad days of her life here. This is the point at which she lost her first fight to Holly Holm.

4. Photoshop controversy


We all know that Ronda Rousey is a physically superior woman, but that doesn’t mean others should manipulate her images to make her look lean. In fact, Ronda Rousey shared these images to show her disgust.