10 Funny Pictures Show What Happens When Insanity Replaces Sanity!

Humans are supposed to be one of the smartest creatures in the world, we can do things that no other creature in the world can't do. But that's not the case always, humans are also blessed with stupidity, and over the years we haven't left a chance to display it. Here we have 10 pictures that show what happens insanity takes over the humans for a day, read the article to see some really funny pictures...

If only it were that easy!


Remember those month-end days when you receive an unusually high credit card bill, if only you could just plug it in a charger and recharge it.

A new superhero on the rise!


When the Avers’s mightiest heroes fall before evil, there will rise another spectacular hero form the overflooded gutters of South Korea.


Well either you are an idiot or plain blind!


When you see people like this you wonder what are today’s humans up to? Are they planning new ways to die coz they got bored of the old ones?

When half of your day is dinner time!


When they say you get only one hour to eat, the next thing you know the school staff realizing what you can do in one hour of lunch break! For more amazing funny pictures, read on Next Page…