10 Pictures That Prove You Definitely Have Thalassophobia

The sea is full of wonders both above and under the waves, and some of the discoveries you'll find in the ocean might make you not to put your leg in the sea ever again. But if you are an adventurer and that kind of fear and extreme adrenaline rush doesn't scare you. You get off on it!

Waterfall in the Ocean.


Water is so clean. Literally, you can see through the water and those waterfalls in oceans are just incredible. But imagine what will happen if you keep going in deep.

Everbody loves Surfing, Not just humans.


We’re not exactly sure if this is a whale or a shark, but either way, we sure would feel bad if that surfer ran into either of those creatures. Thank goodness he’s oblivious to what’s behind him or he’d have a heart attack.