10 Pictures You Won’t Even Like The Look Of

I’m a quite open individual, however, there are only a couple of things that make me kinda awkward. Words like “wet,” toenails, and slurping commotions are only a couple of I can consider the highest point of my head. I attempt my best to set my disturbance aside when I experience any of these things, however truly, individuals should simply know better once in a while. Take these individuals, for example. Why they gotta treat us so harshly as that?

1. Bending over backward is one thing, and then there’s this


This can’t be medically endorsed. I crave calling an emergency vehicle, however, I’ll attempt my best to fight the temptation.

2. Trust Issues



Each and every individual who has ever bolstered you this line is a liar. I know since I am one of them, and I’m not reliable at all.

3. Something Gross


This foot influences me to need to never eat another piece of meat for whatever length of time that I live. PETA should embrace this strategy since I can affirm it is 100% viable.

4. Sharing


Sharing isn’t minding, individuals. Sharing is essentially socially excused mooching and I won’t have it. Remember next time your SO tries to take fries off of your plate. Click next.