10 Product Made By The Top Company That We Don’t Even Know About

In today world the Technology is even growing faster than the rat in the wild. To convince the customer to buy the product company bring the new product with a new feature every few months. Sometimes the product invented is not that famous and does not do well in the market an people even forget about that product. Here 10 product made by the top company that we don’t even know about.

#10 Apple Bandai Pippin


The multimedia technology released in 1996 is considered as the most significant failure of Apple. 42,000 Bandai Pippin were sold in the entire year leading to discontinued it in 1997.

#9 Microsoft ME


Windows 98 was Windows Millennium Edition came to market in September 2000, but it did not achieve any success. The product did not do well and was ended in December 2003.

#8 Virtual Boy


Nintendo’s Virtual Boy was not the best good product for the company it uses to leave the user exhausted. Released in 1995 was shut down same year in Japan and 1996 in America.

#7 Google Plus


Google is very successful but did not succeed in social media Google+ was a complete fail. It manages to bring only  111 million users on board in 4 years starting from 2011 to 2015. Stay tuned for more on the next page…