Some people have gone crazy and are coming up with some really hilarious and weird alternative synonyms that make a lot more sense than their official lexicons, and it helps that they’re pretty punny as well. Here we have some amazing puns that you should use in your everyday life.

1. Memorable.

This one sounds like an amazing pun instead of calling it a vet you can also say dogtor! (dog+doctor). It makes it a lot more memorable doesn’t it?

2. Insane.

Wow! this is something creative. Yeah i would agree you can actually call him ‘The Amazing Peter Parkour’. That’s flipping insane isn’t it?

3. Changing this definition.

Hahaha now this one is genius! It will be really fun to call it coma toes instead!

4. Insane.

Hahaha That’s a nasty one on the Pope now. It must be driving the Pope insane now.

5. Great thought into it!

This guy has out really deep thought into this one, i will probably sleep over it!

6. The police really missed a trick here.

The police really missed a trick here, in you face! clueless cop.

7. flirted with the idea.

Hahaha this is ingeniously funny!! This actually sounds sensible.

8. Phil must be so mad.

Phil must be so mad at Bill taking all the credit. Now this one amazing pun.

9. I might start using this one from now on.

Hahaha even though the meaning’s changed but it does sound very suitable for a car repair.

10. That’s a much cooler name.

Now this is a cool alternate name i would prefer to give it.