10 Reasons Why The United States Needs To Fund Schools For Sex Ed

In today's world, sexual crimes have skyrocketed to a new level, one might think that since the world and the people in it are advancing with the with the knowledge crime rates might go down, but that's not the case. The United States is a smart country but not everyone is educated enough in terms of sex education, here we have some interesting reasons why the US should in sex education, read the article to know more...

Sex! A frictional fire hazard!


This might be the first time in the history of sex education that someone has compared a pair of condoms to a matchbox!

What? WTF!


Now that you have had the horrible and haunting image of having ear sex, it’s time for you to realize how important is sex¬†education!


Try having a different flavor, will you?


Why don’t you try this one out yourself and let us know!? This guy has surely lost his chance of having a sexual partner, especially with a girl who eats a taco! Some more terrifying reasons on the Next Page…