10 Rules That Are Required When You Are Going To Check Your Body Weight

The One thing that is very important while keeping a fit body and maintaining health is body weight. One needs to keep track of their body weight when they are trying to control their body and get a perfect figure. But checking your body weight is not should be done it has to be checked properly and have to be monitored correctly. Here are 10 rules that are required when you are going to check your body weight.

#10 Time


Checking your body at any time of the day is not right it has to be done after you emptied your bladder, but before breakfast. The time of checking body weight should be same every day or the same day every week.

#9 Clothes



Cloths have their own weight and check your body weight with clothes will not be accurate. The best way to get the perfect reading is with very fewer clothes or no clothes.

#8 Place


The place where you place your measuring scale should not be uneven and different every time. The ground should be hard and even surface and not made from many different surfaces.

#7 Stand Still


Gravity has an effect on every part of our body and moving continuously will not give a perfect reading and it will fluctuate. Stay tuned to know the rest of the rules for measuring body weight on the next page…