10 Secretly Gross Things Every Girl Has Done But Don’t Admit

Girls are truly pretty queer, pretty funny, pretty gross and especially messy, most of the time. Some of their talents are bold that you'll be left thinking as to how can someone actually indulge in them. From being fixated on one's benefits, to be over-the-top for cosmetics to managing hair everywhere, a young lady's life is similarly gross, see here.

5. Peeing in the shower


A gross talent, to get that straight. But sometimes ladies are excessively lazy to sit to pee, rather, they let it out, in the shower as it were. Yukkk!

6. Sleeping with makeup on


Young ladies, this is an untidy thing and a bad habit. It hampers your skin as well as dirties your pillowcases and bedsheet. Click on the next page to read more.