10 Selfies Shared By People They Will Regret For The Rest Of Their Lives

Selfies have become the trend of 21st Century. In today’s world, we take selfies every now and then. But it’s funny when some selfies can make you regret your decision due to some disturbances or coincidences caused by clicking them. Here are some funny selfies which may have made the user regret taking those.

#10 When door Knob fits inside your mouth.


Sometimes checking your background can be really useful. Especially in this case where the person is red-haired and the door nob perfectly fits in his mouth, it looks like a “Dragon Tongue”. Well quite embarrassing though.

#9  When sloth photobombs



It’s funny when the animal tries to photobomb your picture. This sloth sure has got talent to perfectly photobomb the picture at the right time and at the right place.

#8 When spider ruins your selfie


Well, many people are afraid of spiders. But what if that spider wanted to be part of that selfie? Has anyone thought of that?

#7 Too much focus on that butt.


When you want to take a selfie but your camera ends up focussing more on whats behind you. Especially, when there is horse butt in the background. More funny selfies on Next Page.