10 Shockingly Weird Things That Happen In Your Sleep

When we go to sleep, there are all kinds of weird things our bodies do and we’re not talking about snoring and dreaming. The human body is an incredibly complex piece of machinery that does all sorts of things all by itself in order to keep it running like a well oiled machine. Because we’re asleep, we don’t know what it is we’re doing and there are times we’re doing things that are dangerous to ourselves and people around us.

You Become Aroused


During REM rest, your brain arranges your body to get more oxygen and blood stream. This surge of blood down underneath can make the two men and ladies end up plainly excited. A little populace of individuals will even engage in sexual relations while they’re sleeping.

You Hear Explosions


This phenomenon happens to a small percentage of the population but is extremely odd. You will really “listen” loud noise in your mind either similarly as will rest or as your awakening. Individuals who experience the ill effects of this wonder generally have elevated amounts of stress or uneasiness.