10 Signs That Will Let You Know If You Are In A Controlled Relationship

Relationships can get troublesome under the most favorable circumstances, however when relationships are being in charge things can turn poisonous. While a good relationship depends on shared regard and trust for each other. But sometimes one of the two tends to extend a more “in control and in charge” aura, sometimes without even figuring it out. Here are 10 signs that will let you know if you are in a controlled relationship.

#10 Assumed To Be Guilty


One of the greatest things every successful relationship has is their partner always believe you are innocent unless otherwise. And if you are in a controlled relationship your partner will never believe your innocence no matter how much you prove it.

#9 Often Embarrassed In Front Of Family And Friends



The greatest strength of any relationship is laughter no matter how what your condition is. But if your humor or laughter comes from mockery not only is it disheartening to you but you are in a controlled relationship.

#8 Being Isolated From Your Friends And Family


If you are losing contact with your friends and family just because of your partner then he is not the one for you. And believe it or not but you are being controlled.

#7 Your Partner Wants To Know Everything About You


One thing that partner should trust and not freat from is your past or your past relationship. If you are being asked tons of question about your past it is a signal your partner intends to keep a control on your past life. Stay tuned for more on the next page…