10 Signs That You Are his Side Chick And Not Girlfriend

In this time, where ladies wouldn't bother having fun with folks around, they don't understand that they're making issues for themselves, in return. Some fun = enormous betrayal! Similarly as the broadly recognized phase goes, 'Men will be men', men nowadays have turned out to be more cunning and a clever at keeping side chicks kicking alongside their girlfriends and yet keeping these two separated, thanks to the lack of embarrassment in a woman to be a side chick!

This can never be the two of you!


He evades each time you try to click a photograph of you two together. While the entire world is on Facebook and Instagram, posting all the fun photographs with their significant other.

He takes you to distant places to play off as romantic


Darlings, he wouldn’t like to be seen with you out in the open spots. There is a probability that he needs to be careful about you if there is the ‘mystery spot’ far off from open spots.


He has nights for you, never the day


Is it regular for you, that he is with you only after the dark, or late in the night, say after 11 pm onwards? At that point, my sweethearts there are chances he drives another life with someone more important than you.

He prefers to stay indoors when you two are together


You need to identify the difference in the person being a shut-in or being subtle about your relationship. In the event that he adores you, he would not withdraw far from going to movies with you or eating out at restaurants.