10 Signs That You Are his Side Chick And Not Girlfriend

In this time, where ladies wouldn't bother having fun with folks around, they don't understand that they're making issues for themselves, in return. Some fun = enormous betrayal! Similarly as the broadly recognized phase goes, 'Men will be men', men nowadays have turned out to be more cunning and a clever at keeping side chicks kicking alongside their girlfriends and yet keeping these two separated, thanks to the lack of embarrassment in a woman to be a side chick!

You don’t have each other on social media


Phew! Ladies, now that is obvious. In the event that you don’t take after each other on every single social medium stages at that point, there is something noteworthy in the stowing away.

He suddenly goes MIA!


He is unreachable for a lot of times and indulges an argument when you attempt to inquire. In addition, on the off chance that he all of a sudden hangs up on you for reasons unknown.