10 Simple Ways To Make A Guy Go Crazy Over You

The relationships are always mutual - but then most articles that I see on the web are about what ladies expect from their men or the things men should to do to win a girl's heart. So I thought that it'd just be fair for bring out what women do, that can make their man to swoon around them. There are some extraordinarily simple things that can make a man to go crazy over his girl. So women, do take a look... If you push the right buttons, you never know what rewards you'll reap.

9. Call him while being with friends


The guy appreciates your habit of remembering him even being busy with your friends. This tells them that he is on your mind, just like you are on his.

10. Be confident


Confidence is sexy! It means that you know who you are and you want the world to know it – and men love this!