10 Smartphones Features Most People Don’t Know

Ok, cell phones. They’re fundamentally modest, intense PCs that fit totally in our pockets. What’s more, they’re anything but difficult to utilize! The best cell phones are the ones so natural that you should simply swipe here and wiggle here and do what you need. Be that as it may, did you know some had hidden features? Here are some of the feature which will be really new for you.

1. You can use the Android’s spacebar to move the cursor


Well here’s a distinct advantage for those of us with bigger fingers. Essentially swipe the spacebar in case you’re utilizing the GBoard on Android, and you can move the cursor left or right.

2. Scheduling messages on Android


Having something in mind but you don’t want to send it right away. Here’s a feature on an Android device to schedule messages so that you can send it as and when required.

3. You can listen to the radio on your Android


Without using the web, no less! Turns out a considerable measure of cell phones can really get to FM radio as long as you have corded earphones, which can twofold as receiving wires.

4. Do not disturb mode – most phones


We sincerely don’t know why individuals don’t utilize this component more. Most telephones accompany it, and it essentially puts your telephone on noiseless for a set period of time. Click next.