For some of us, it may be a symbol of manliness. For others, it is an unpleasant reminder of our evolutionary path. Regardless of our conviction, most men have to shave hairs in one or more part of their body at some point in their life. Often, it is facial hair—the beards. In addition, many men may want to get rid of Hair on their limbs (arms and legs) and torso (back and chest/abdomen). Here 10 steps you should follow.

1. Use moisturizer.

True, women use moisturizer. You should too, every day before going to bed. The reason is simple. Irritation of your skin during shaving is highly likely when you constantly have dry skin. Moisturizer changes that. It tackles dryness of skin and makes it radiant and healthy-looking. You should NOT use a moisturizer for women.

2. Consult a dermatologist.

Adult acne ruins your looks in every way possible. First, zits take up space in your precious face.At that point, when you need to shave your skin, they are physical hindrances. When you shave, the pimples drain, and you need to persevere through a stinging sensation. Which is the reason you require assistance from an expert—a dermatologist—to free you of your grown-up skin break out for all time.

3. Immediately Before Shaving the Face

Place very cold water in a bowl. Guarantee that the temperature is decent, and after that sprinkle modest bunches of the water all over. The reason is to fix the pores on your skin for simple, smooth skimming of the shaving razor on your skin.

4. Rub ice cubes all over your face.

The technique includes running ice cubes everywhere all over. After this, you put a face towel on you confront for one moment. The reason is to urge the icy to stream down into your pores. This treatment takes after sprinkling exceptionally frosty water on your skin. Along these lines, it goes above and beyond to fixing your pores.

5. Apply shaving cream.

Spurt shaving cream on your palms. Apply the cream thickly on your face. Allow the cream stay for 5 to 10 minutes. This is to ensure that the cream adequately softens your skin before you shave.

6. Pre-Shaving Treatment for Men’s Arms and Legs.

While the immediate pre-shaving treatment for men’s face requires chill water, that of men’s arms and legs requires hot water. While adjusting the water temperature, adjust it to the maximum temperature you can tolerate. However, be mindful not to burn your skin with very hot water.

7. Procedure

Fill your bathtub with hot water. Ensure that the temperature of the water in the tub is tolerable. Add copious amount of bubble bath in the tub. Enter the tub and soak your body (including the limb you want to shave) in the hot water until the skin on your toes turn wrinkly.

8. Apply

Rub a thin film of baby oil on the limb you want to shave. Allow the baby oil stay for one minute before shaving. This is to ensure that the oil softens and conditions your skin. Use razor tailored for shaving the limbs to shave your arms and legs.

9. Pre-Shaving Treatment for Men’s Chest and Back

We recommend you schedule a date with a professional salon that is able to carry out waxing procedures for men. Which will be much safer and less painful if you would do it!

10. The salon

The salon would be in charge of the pre-shaving (or to more accurate, pre-waxing) treatment of your skin. After which, you only have to show up for your waxing session where your hair is removed with no glitch.