10 Steps To Keep The Romance Alive In Your Relationship

5. Intimacy Is NOT Sex


Getting intimate with each other does not always means sex. Intimacy can be expressed through touch, conversation, and gestures. Always listen to what your partner is requesting from the relationship and work on it together. “It is an exchange of tender energy between two people who love each other deeply. Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D.”

6. Go on Date Nights


Going on dates does not get old, regardless of how many years you spend with each other, a date offers a chance to get to know one another again. This sets the mood for intimacy and gives you amazing time off your regular day to day issues.


7. Compliment Each Other


Many of you might think complimenting your partner is cliché. However, both Men and Women love compliments. It always good to hear someone appreciating your efforts that you put in to get ready. It is also heart-melting to hear your partner say that you look beautiful or handsome when you are not that greatly dressed. Turn next for more.