10 Stylish Shoes To Kick Start Your New Year In Style

Shoes are the second love for women. However more we buy they are always less. Unlike men who have limited pair of footwear, we have multiple pairs. Just to be sure we have enough. From Heels, Peep toes to Pumps the list is unending and interesting. More fashionable and trendy and keep our wardrobes ready. So here is a well-curated list of shoes you should buy to kick-start a rocking and footy new year. Show some love to your feed.

7. Satin Sandalettes With Green Gemstones


Satin sandalettes with green gemstones. These pair will go with any kind of outfit . Be it day or night .These are ideal for outings to the Emerald City, FYI.

8. Biker boots


Biker boots that — if this were Riverdale — would be members of the Serpents. Hello, Jughead Jones. The list is not over yet turn to next page for more stylish shoes.