10 Super Funny Stores You Must Visit If You Are A Big Fan Of Laughing!

Have you ever come across shops that have used some really creative and funny ways to lure in their customers? These days for any kind of small business the best way to attract customers is to be as uniquely creative as you can. If you love to shop and have a great have a good laugh while you are at it, you must visit these 10 super funny shops. Read the article to know more...

When you self-proclaim yourself to be the employee of the month!


When someone does something this funny, “Yeah, you might as well be, I think this was your best work, keep up the good fight.”

A good way to sell your products out!


Maybe if they gave them away instead of charging for an unknown object. 1.95???You got them for free… I’ll give you 25c for 1, what say?


My favorite sign of all!


When you see a tattoo store signboards this funny, one might think the tattoo artist regrets not giving his comedy career more of a chance.

Quite straight, simple and funny!


You can also go for, “Buy one at twice the price, get the second one absolutely free!” I bet their sales of “double pizza orders” increased still … people are so easily fooled. For more funny signs, read on Next Page…