10 Super Funny Stores You Must Visit If You Are A Big Fan Of Laughing!

Have you ever come across shops that have used some really creative and funny ways to lure in their customers? These days for any kind of small business the best way to attract customers is to be as uniquely creative as you can. If you love to shop and have a great have a good laugh while you are at it, you must visit these 10 super funny shops. Read the article to know more...

A warning that must be taken seriously!


All people who work in retail should wear this around their necks to ward off evil customers. This is why you don’t yell at someone when they get their order wrong! Not only you’re making a person’s day bad. You could be screwing up a robot’s day as well! We’ll all blame you for their hostile takeover!

Try pulling Excalibur from the store!


When you scream that line while pulling the sword out, all say “I am immortal! I have inside me blood of kings!!!”


When a sign like this hits you before the caffeine in the coffee shop!


Could not have been truer, that’s exactly what happened. But, there is a silver lining to this, just imagine all that we can fuck up for our kids!