10 Super Funny Text Fails With Girlfriend

Getting in a relationship is not an easy task and maintaining it is a whole another difficulty level. Texting each other is a routine part of your schedule and you are used to it. But sometimes things don't remain in your control and you land up in a certain mess you really cannot handle. Here is a list of Girlfriend text fails that will crack your guts.

That’s what you get for double-timing!


Mark’s PainOlympics begins in 10, now the two cheated ladies are planning the most painful surprise for Mark!

When he takes your hint far from wrong!


This guy ‘sadly’ completely missed her hints. But, if you ask me, I think doing it in your own pillow fort sounds much interesting!


Another classic example of getting the hints wrong!


This is a classic example of text fails when you have a dumb girlfriend! I mean seriously! Who the hell licks a cat!? For some more text fails to read on Next Page…