10 Super Funny Text Fails With Girlfriend

Getting in a relationship is not an easy task and maintaining it is a whole another difficulty level. Texting each other is a routine part of your schedule and you are used to it. But sometimes things don't remain in your control and you land up in a certain mess you really cannot handle. Here is a list of Girlfriend text fails that will crack your guts.

Why do you keep trying? I don’t get it?


Why would you keep trying when you know your ass is busted? Some dumb people just never learn! Whoever’s husband she texted, he is gonna have a rough night!

That was a good one!


Speaking from the girl’s point of you that was really the least of the sexiest thing to do, but from a guy’s perspective, this is hilarious AF!


Ouch! that was harsh!


One more thing you should be careful of, never believe anything when someone says it in the month of April! NEVER!