10 Super Genius People Who Are Lazy AF!

There are many types of people in the world when it comes to the intellectual levels, there are people who are good at studying and some people who are not. That doesn't mean that these people have less intellectual levels, they are smart in fields where normal people fail to understand. Here are 10 pictures of such genius people whose laziness will make you laugh your guts out, read the article to know more...

The shit delivery people have to go through.


Considering this is a violation the pizza delivery girl is either his girlfriend role-playing or this is the last time this guy gets an order from Dominos.

Smart and lazy can be a lethal combination!


When you are this lazy AF, there is nothing smarter in the world than your brain who is constantly thinking of ideas to get that box of pizza on the 3rd floor without effort!


When you are too late to bake a cake for his birthday!


When you forget to bake the cake on time, try doing this, at least he can make his own cake! See more hilarious ideas from lazy people on the Next Page…