10 Super Genius People Who Are Lazy AF!

There are many types of people in the world when it comes to the intellectual levels, there are people who are good at studying and some people who are not. That doesn't mean that these people have less intellectual levels, they are smart in fields where normal people fail to understand. Here are 10 pictures of such genius people whose laziness will make you laugh your guts out, read the article to know more...

When you are in two minds to decide one thing…


I’m living in 2017 meanwhile these dude’s living in 3017 when you can’t pick one thing, it’s best to do both!

Google is your new guide!


They could have at least set something up that was even remotely catered to information on the area, rather than just telling people to Google it. I’d honestly prefer this, over talking to some attendant.


A quick way to finish the column ‘H’!


He’s going to confuse a bunch of people if he starts a sentence with “Fight”. Could have done the same thing with the I’s, your little bro has much to learn before he reaches my level of laziness.