10 Sure Signs That Show Your Partner Is Manipulating You

Ironically, seeing a relationship where we should get love, care, and support. Some time in the relationship one ends up being a controlled like a puppet by our partner. And this can happen to anyone or a can be done by anyone. Here are 10 sure signs that show your partner is manipulating you.

#10 You’re The One Who’s Guilty.


Manipulators share one basic ability: they’re really great at influencing you to feel sorry even when you are not the one with anything to do with it.

#9 They Are Victims



How everyone sees a poor little kitten. That’s how manipulators want you to see them. Their life is so extremely difficult and full of misery that you should definitely feel compassionate.

#8 They Provoke


On the off chance that a manipulator is out of an argument if all else fails they may attempt to provoke you. They may state things that would influence a normal person question a manipulator’s sanity or successfully trigger negative feelings and make you angry.

#7 They Push


The less time we have to choose, the less time we have to think. Manipulator pushes you to settle on choices quicker so you can’t generally think them over. Stay tuned to see more on next page…