10 Surprising Reasons Why ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Is Fan’s Favorite!

Reality TV shows are one of the fastest growing trends in the entertainment industry, for the general public, it is much easier for them to relate their lives with the reality tv shows than the fictional ones. Over the years there have been many reality tv shows released and one of them was the Jersey Shore franchise. Here we have 10 surprising reasons why Jersey Shore Family Vacation is one of the fan favorite shows today, read the article to know more...

These reality tv stars are used to cameras around them.


During the game when they were asked who in the cast has a sex tape, Guadagnino responded, “I mean, there [are] like a million on my phone. They’re not out there!” Let’s hope all those videos are staying safe on his phone.

Another co-star Pauly further revealed…


Co-star Pauly also revealed he has tones of those tapes, he also added that everyone has those, “Everybody we hooked on the show is a sex tape. So where is that vault? There’s like a vault, there [are] cameras everywhere.”


The guys then joked around saying…


Guadagnino jokingly said, “When we used to have sex they used to put a GoPro on our head, they put it on the girl’s head. They [were] like, ‘Hey, when you walk in you got to sign this paper and wear this GoPro.’” Pauly was guilty when asked about the mile-high club, “First class – you have your own pod, the chick comes over to you, and you act like you’re cuddling … with a blanket. Nobody even knows. Gotta be quiet though!”