10 Text Replies That Were Unexpected But Hilarious!

For any human unexpected surprises are always welcome, usually, it depends on what kind of surprise it is. But, have you ever been in a situation where you have got a totally unexpected reply from someone and you are left in an utter show after reading it? Well, here we have such 10 shocking yet unexpected replies on texts, read the article to know more...

Wow! that’s a complete bad news!


Remember the day you gave your wife the car keys, thanks to that day now you get a discount on car service.

Is this for real?


I have heard many weird facts in my life, but I have never come across a fact which so unexpected and surprising!


What a waste of life!


Every guy in his childhood must have been really fond of secret agents when you finally get to talk to one, you get so excited thinking about which secret agency he belongs to and it turns out he is from Herbalife! For more, hilarious unexpected text read on Next Page…