10 Texts Which Show That Woman Set Their Own Rules

According to statistics, women send 4 times more texts than men. It’s not surprising that the internet is full of funny women’s statements and phrases taken from their electronic messages. Here is a list of funny photos and texts from women that are full of playful humor, great moods, mind-blowing logic, and witty sarcasm

#10. New Way To Breakup


This Girl decided to break up with her boyfriend and she did it in a completely new way. Smarter way girl. Hope you use this trick.

#9. She Wanted Proof


This is how you assure your girlfriend that you are home and not going out to a party. Pretty suspicious eh?


#8. She Needs To Take English Classes


Never go out for a party or friends night out without confirming twice because they may twist their own words.

#7. She Misses you


This girl has a serious sense of humor and she used it very nicely to tell her boyfriend that she feels lonely. Turn to next page for more funny text pictures.