We often throw out things we don’t like or things that get old and is of no use. Here we have some great uses for such items which you can avoid throwing and reuse for a longer time. Read the article to know how!

1. Save the ends of your old candles and their jars and make new candles.

You don’t need to throw them away just reuse them again in many different ways, such as normal jar, flower vase, decorative item, etc. They can go on for a little longer.

2. Make sun tea out of pineapple skins.

Do you know a delicious use of the pineapple skin?there many ways you can use them. One of the best way is making delicious tea! And you thought pineapple skins were useless.

3. Creative wax container.

Melt down all of your almost-done lip balms into an empty mint container.

4. Useful and easy creation!

An empty plastic container keeps all your trash bags together. You can always use empty containers to store many things.

5. Wow! So useful!

You should actually try this, while camping, bake cake over the fire in orange peels.

6. Best use of your old shirts!

Put your old shirts to household use. A button-up shirt that is out of life becomes an unique pillowcase.

7. Make a funky rug out of old, messed up garden hoses.

8. Turn a mason jar into a fun vase.

Did you know jars could be used in soo many different ways? Hurry try them out!

9. Magazine holder.

This is an amazing tip,imagine if you can turn a cereal box into a magazine holder.

10. Old drawers.

You can always use the old drawers from your old furniture instead of throwing them away!