Do any of the things on this list at your own risk, because you might come out the other end dumber than when you started.

1. Surfing the Web

Turns out if you went looking for this list, you’re already getting dumber. That’s because Columbia University says people who are regular web users have lower information recall rates. In other words, the Internet is killing our memories.

2. Powerpoint Presentations

A study by the United States Army says that Powerpoint presentations actually reduce a viewer’s critical thinking skills. It also kills critical discussions. Apparently if people see something on a Powerpoint slide, they expect it to be true.

3. Obesity

Carnegie Mellon says that people who are obese suffer from a number of mental problems because the brain of these people have to work twice as hard to accomplish the same things are those with an average body size. In addtion to that, The connections between the brain parts responsible for memory and decision-making were hyperactive in overweight people, but functioned normally in average-weight people.

4. Meetings

Turns out going to meetings really is mind numbing. A Virginia Tech study says that going to meetings will tamp down intelligent expression. This is especially true in women.

5. Watching Spongebob Squarepants

One recent study found that watching fast paced cartoons like Spongebob Squarepants was actually impairing a child’s higher brain functions. This was especially true when compared to children who watched a great deal of educational programming. So TV doesn’t rot your brain, but cartoons apparently do.

6. Lack of Sleep

We’ve all felt like we weren’t all there when we were very tired. It turns out you really were suffering from reduced brain function. Lack of sleep can lead to cognitive problems. It can also increase blood pressure. High blood pressure affects memory and critical thinking and is also why obese people have cognitive problems.

7. Facebook

One study indicates that while briefly looking at your Facebook profile helps self esteem, prolonged use of the social media site can actually dampen a person’s motivation.

8. Fluoride

Fluoride has long been one of those things the homeless crazy person on your corner has been screaming about. It turns out the chemical actually can have a negative affect on you. A Recent study shows that kids in locations where fluoride levels were high scored lower on IQ tests than children who were no. So the guy wearing the tinfoil hat might have sadly lived in a high fluoride area.

9. Junk Food

Foods that contain high saturated fat levels have been found to actually affect our cognitive abilities especially when it comes to memory. Even scarier than that is these foods have been linked to earlier onset of dementia.

10. Fox News

Not one, but two different recent studies have shown that people who watch Fox News as their primary source of information are less informed … about almost everything.