10 Things Which Prove The World Isn’t A Ball Of Shit

There are things which you’ll see in the in the world which can make you smile. Sometimes having that humanity towards people can change so much which will surprise you. People tend to make decisions which end up in a very beautiful way. Thinking that the world is a cruel place is not a great thing to do. You can even make a brighter world around you just by doing something which you have never done in your life.

1. This three-year-old adorably tipped her server


Sometimes kids can act so innocent that they tend to make you remember your childhood. You just can’t resist but make them feel good and be a child once again.

2. And this nine-year-old is slaying the New Yorker caption game



The innocence can be really heart touching sometime and you start feeling that you have good souls around you. They just can’t make you happier than after doing these things.

3. The government did something good


Sometimes you can even see a change in your government too. All always it can act to let you down sometimes it can also make you smile and give you happiness.

4. This guy stepped in as his wife’s mannequin


Sometimes you will have to do things which you never imagined in your life to make people happy. Happiness is all around us you just have to search for it. Click next.