10 Things That Prove Relationships Strive More On Humor Rather Than Romance

If you think romance is the most important thing in any successful relationship than your relationship might be in danger. The most important thing is humor and self-mockery. If there is no fun in the relationship it is bound to end. But with humor and pranks, it will surely last longer. Here are 10 pictures to prove that the best way of fighting the romance that everyone is tired of is humor!

#10 Harsh But True


Ther are often times when we tend to hear something that is not meant for us and take it as our own. This is definitely one of that time just it is said to a cat and not to you.

#9 Men Will Be Men



Men will be men no matter if they are making lego toys or trying to get their girlfriend happy. A Military base always comes first before a castle and queens for every man.

#8 Let The Match Begin


The time when your wife asks “How’s your day?” every man will reply in some sort of funny way there is very less time when they reply seriously.

#7 Perfect Men


Now that’s the perfect type of man that every woman will like to marry. And that same goes for men too. Marry the girl that has a very bad tattoo and did not remove it. Stay tuned for more on the next page…