Good looks can get you through step one of the dating game. While men enjoy the beauty of girls and its the first trick to get close to them. However there are a few qualities other than just looks that makes a man go head over heels for you and if you possess all from the list put below, boy, you have scored a heart and a man forever. Browse through the sorted and proven list to enhance your chances of attracting men.

#1 Smile


A woman smile is enough to make the man fall for her. If you smile at the silly jokes he cracks or those shy smiles after he compliments you, he is all yours.

#2 Cooking Skills


As the old saying goes , “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” , a woman who is a good cook is a turn on for men.

#3 Playfulness


Girls should be playful and cheerful at  times, everything serious is not good so just relax.

#4 Long Messy Hair


Almost all men like women with long hair and if they are all messy it will make them go more crazy. Continue on next page.

#5 Care


Caring for men is something every guy seeks , if you take care of him during difficult times just like a mother, they are surely held on to you forever.

#6 Be Real And Natural


Being raw and true to oneself is what attracts a lot of men. Turn next for more.

#7 Be Accomplished And Fulfilled


An independent and accomplished woman is a major eye turner for most of the men. They like a woman with goals.

#8 High Voice


According to science, high voice  makes a woman sound more beautiful, and they are perceived as younger. Turn next for more.

#9 Be Compromising


A woman who can overlook a few flaws and try to accommodate with things is a seeked by men.

#10 Enjoy Life


No one would love a agony aunt for sure. The woman should be able to enjoy her life and seek adventures.

So how many qualities do you possess!