10 Times Parents Complain Teachers About Bizarre And Stupid Things

Teachers are mean, right? Wait, That’s not what we are saying, these are the thoughts of each student and college student for that matter. Remember how we used to wish that the teacher would be absent and we will get free time. Student complaining about the teachers is not a big deal but when parents do it, it becomes weird. Here are 10 times parents complained to teachers about bizarre and stupid things.

#10 Lunch For Their Kid


There are parents that complain about not giving lunch but this mom just crossed the line. She called the teacher to buy her kid a subway.

#9 Child’s Low Grades



Every student has some time faced some problem in their grades. But it happens very less that their parents are the one who are on their side and ask the teacher to cut them some slack.

#8 Cleaning Up After Kids


This is the one problem that every student has a problem with their teacher’s rules. Many time students gather courage and speak to the teacher. But this student’s parents are the one calling to say “your rules are too strict for my daughter.”

#7 Teach Them American Stuff


Every instrument in the musical industry plays an important role and they have their own importance. Learning music or instrument of other place is actually a good thing. But this parent called to complain the teacher about “Persian flute? stoping sympathizing with terrorists and tech them American stuff.” Stay tuned for more on the next page…